InfiniteOne Whitepaper

Infinite Rewards Infinite Possibilities Contract Address 0xfcac1a3ede7b55cc51e3ebff2885a67fbfe01a1a 

What is InfiniteOne

InfiniteOne Token is the only token you truly need in your wallet. It rewards you in multiple ways just for holding it. It supplies you with Infinite rewards through the ups and downs of the market. InfiniteOne will vet every project we partner with this will increase the amount of legit projects we share with you.

Tokenomics of InfiniteOne

• 12% fee on every transaction • 4% redistributed to every holder • 4% redistribution to LP • 2.5% transaction fee advertising/marketing • 1% Promotions wallet for promos in the future for holders • 0.25% Dev Wallet • 0.25% Future Burns Wallet • Anti-Whale protection no more than 1% of the total tokens as a max single transaction.

BNB Payout to Holders

Coming Soon Feb 15, 2022 InfiniteTwo A BNB reward token. Please visit the InfiniteTwo link above.

Sustainability of the Token and the Community

We want to be here for the long haul that is why there is built in plans for admin cost, overhead, etc. We have set this up to be profitable for all. With a Budget to be able to grow the company and the community.

Charity Donations

A wallet will be set up with 2% of the initial supply that will get the same distribution as all other wallets. The core will remain and the distribution tokens once reaching a preset goal will be used to donate to a charity. When we get close to set goal we will poll the community for the best charity to donate to.


Airdrops are where a person receive a token in their wallet just for holding a certain token. We are partnering with new start up tokens/coins and will be rewarding holders of InfiniteOne by Airdropping their tokens/coins to us. This will be based on the amount of InfiniteOne tokens you have. The more InfiniteOne you have the more of the Airdrop you will get. Sometimes an InfiniteOne token holder will not receive the Airdrop. That will be because they do not hold enough tokens to qualify based on an average and gas fees. 


We will be working on an App to reflect the value of all the startup token/coins that are received from the airdrops. (Using WalletNow) We will be working to create a second token that will be a reward based project. NFTs associated with for gaming and rewards. 


Initial liquidity will be locked into a liquidity pool on pancake swap for 12 months.   

Built in Burns

We will mint 100,000,000,000,000 with burns set at milestones accheived. We have burned 47% of the supply to date.  First burn was done at 500 holders. Second burn was done at 1000 holders.

How to add InfiniteOne to your wallet

Follow these simple steps to add the InfiniteOne to your wallet

    1. Click add Token 

    2. Go to add custom token

    3. Change Network to Smartchain

    4. Contract Address 0xfcac1a3ede7b55cc51e3ebff2885a67fbfe01a1a

    5. Token Name InfiniteOne

    6. Token Symbol IF1

    7. Decimals 9