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We are the one token that rewards you through the ups and downs of the market Contact Address  0xfcac1a3ede7b55cc51e3ebff2885a67fbfe01a1a 

Anti-Whale Function

We have built in Anti-Whale Functions. No transaction larger than 1% of total tokens and no wallet can hold more than 2% of total tokens. 


Airdrops are where a person receive a token in their wallet just for holding a certain token. We are partnering with new start up tokens/coins and will be rewarding holders of InfiniteOne by Airdropping their tokens/coins to us. This will be based on the amount of InfiniteOne tokens you have. The more InfiniteOne you have the more of the Airdrop you will get. Sometimes an InfiniteOne token holder will not receive the Airdrop. That will be because they do not hold enough tokens to qualify based on an average and gas fees. 



Redistributed to every holder


Redistributed to Liquidity Pool 


Advertising and Marketing 


Future Promotions for InfiniteOne Holders


Dev Wallet


Future Burn Wallet


Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions

How do I get Airdrops

Airdrops are automatically given to you via your BSC receive address. You can verify these on BscScan As long as you hold enough InifinteOne 

Why did I not get the Airdrop of the new tokens

The threshold of the amount of tokens you will receive is based on the amount we get from our partners verses the gas fees to send them. So if the gas fees to send are more then the amount of tokens we will not send.

How do I get BNB rewards

Coming Soon

How do I add an Airdrop to my wallet

To add Token to your Wallet: 1.Click add Token 2.Go to add custom token 3.Change Network to Smartchain 4.Contract Address 5.Token Name 6.Token Symbol 7.Decimals 8.Done!

InfiniteOne Team

More of the team coming soon

Steve Goodman


“You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them.”

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